Cheap Stability shoes for running. (Overpronation)

Do you guys have any suggestion for cheap stability shoes in India? Somewhere around 3k ?

@Hemant, stability shoes are in general are expensive because of the extra materials that go into making these shoes. The cheapest one is from Decathlon

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The other option is Asics Gel DS Trainer 24/25/26. Asics is no longer selling this shoe.
But you can find it on Flipkart or Ajio.

Please check this link, it is under 5k

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Thanks so much, Aravind. Appreciate the time you took to respond. The Asics one is not available in my size, so I am mostly considering buying something from Decathlon. What is your opinion on barefoot or minimal shoes for overpronation?

Hi Hemant, Have you got pronation angles checked. Generally, it’s not the shoe but our strength and stability that will help in running.

Hi Aditi. Thank you for the response. I did not get any angles checked as such, my judgement is based on the foot pattern left on my regular footwear, and since I get shin splints quite often. I found it to be pressed more on the insides. How can I get the angles checked?

Barefoot or minimal shoes are close running without shoes. So they don’t correct any overpronation.

Hi @Hemant_Goyal, As @aditi_pandya mentioned stability shoes are not needed for over pronation, unless you have recurrent injuries, and strength training the foot arch is not helping.

Foot pronation is checked in shoe stores like at Saucony, Asics, Nike. But if you want to go more and are interested in complete running form analysis you can check out our website for details.


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@Hemant_Goyal Please check out Gel DS Trainer… Currently on deal at Flipkart

Thank you both @aditi_pandya . I got it checked at Asics and found I over pronate, but took your advice and got myself a Skechers go run with neutral pronation. Testing one of those stability bands by Skudgear, want to give it some time before I make an opinion on it. Thanks a lot again though :slight_smile:

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